Accommodation Rules

Internal booking and accommodation rules of Carpathia Health Resort

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Booking and Cancellation Policy

1. To book a room, please inform: your first name and last name of the guest; room category, exact dates of your stay; presence of children and their age, number of adults; fax number or e-mail address; phone number.
2. The room is considered booked after advance payment of at least 30% of the total value which is paid within 3 banking days from the date of invoice receipt. Payment is made by cash at the cash desk, by bank transfer or by Visa, Master Card cards.
3. Cancellation. 14 days before the arrival date - we return 100% of the advance payment; from 14 to 3 days - 50% of advance payment; less than 3 days - advance payment is not refundable.
Early arrival or departure

1. In case the guest arrives later without prior warning, the booking costs for the days of “delay” are not returned or compensated.
2. In the case of early departure from the health resort, a fine relevant to 1 (one) day of stay is charged, and the remaining unused days of stay are compensated in the amount of 50%.
3. In case of early departure for a valid reason (serious illness, death of close relatives), confirmed by documents, the health resort compensates the cost of unused services in full.
4. Refunds are made by cashless transfer to the guest’s card within 7 banking days from the date of receipt of the application. The application must specify the guest card account, bank EDRPOU and MFO codes, the transit account number, name of the card-holder.
5. Upon agreement with the administration, it is possible to transfer the remaining funds to the account of subsequent arrivals.
6. n case of early departure of a guest, whose stay was paid by a legal entity (travel agency, trade union organization, etc.), the return of funds is carried out under the terms of the agreement between this entity and health resort.

Accommodation rules

1. Check-in/Check-out Hours at the health resort:

  • Check in from 12:00
  • Departure till 10:00
  • Early check-in from 05:00 to 12:00 - 50% of the price, until 05:00 - full price.
  • Late departure is allowed in case of vacant places. From 10:00 to 18:00 - 50% of the price, after 18:00 - full price.

2. Pets are not allowed at our place.
3. You must have your identification documents in order to check-in in our hotel: passport, driver’s license and resort card; birth certificates or a copies for children, military personnel should also have identification document or military card. When two or more guests should stay in the same room, passport is required for each guest.
4. Please follow the generally accepted rules of conduct on the territory of the health resort and the whole area, as well as fire and anti-epidemic rules.

Health resort rules

1. All medical procedures are indicated by our doctor. Please visit our doctor on the first day of your stay and inform about your health status.
2. The time of medical or diagnostic procedures is appointed by the health resort administrator. Persons who are late for the procedures are not eligible for it. In case of valid reasons, the procedure is provided at the end of the working day or the next day, provided that the requirements for the compatibility of the medical procedures are not violated.
3. Please, payment for the procedures must be made at the reception to the health resort administrator only.

Full text of the official rules >>