It’s really delicious!

Even dietary menu in Transcarpathian “Kolyba” is delicious! Healthy family members are also offered palatable restaurant food that is a unique combination of Transcarpathian, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian cuisines. Organic products, grilled food, tandoori dishes are realy mouth-watering!

Fish you may catch in the pond on your own hook or mushrooms you may find during your stroll in the forest around here can be cooked for dinner. If you want to have a real Transcarpathian feast, grilled lamb is the best choice for you!

Authentic atmosphere in every detail: Wooden furniture, wide range of local wines, live music performed by local musicians. A great place for having a good meal and chatting or celebrating any event.

Please be aware that the price of your stay at our health resort includes 3 meals of dietary food per day. You will have an opportunity to choose one of 2 complexes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can order any dish from the restaurant menu (preferably within your diet defined by your doctor:)

Breakfast is included in case you pay only for accommodation. You can order other meals at your own discretion.

Terrace for festive events

There is a big terrace for 200 people. A jubilee, wedding or corporate party will be unforgettable if celebrated here in summer time.

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Night cafe

You are welcomed to visit a night cafe or a wine cellar during warm season to taste various Transcarpathian wines, drink a glass of beer or chat with your friends smoking a hookah.