Salt chamber at Karpatia health resort

Asthma and bronchitis treatment without hormones and other medicines

In the salt chamber (salt therapy, halotherapy, speleotherapy)

• Efficiency
• Natural approach
• Safety
• Pleasant procedure.


In treating asthma, pre-asthma, bronchitis and allergic rhinitis:
• Significant clinical improvement after the first treatment course was evident in 82% cases (adults) and 95% (children)
• Refusal from drug treatment or its considerable cut down
• Long-term remission for 1.5 years and even longer
• Complete recovery after several long-lasting treatment courses (over 21 days)
• Carpatia health resort experience: For the last 6 years dozens of people have made a complete recovery, hundreds of people have improved their health

Healthy people:
• 90% of healthy adults and kids have not been suffering from URTI at all or much less within a year
• Cleaning lungs from toxins, smog, tobacco smoke, allergens
• Enlarging lung volume, increasing oxygenation
• Improving general well-being

Indications for therapy:
• Allergic rhinitis;
• asthmatic bronchitis;
• bronchial asthma of low and medium severity;
• frequent URTI, blunt immunity, allergic responses.

Benefits of salt therapy in Carpatia health resort

• Salt chamber in Carpatia is an analogue of well-known Solotvyno salt mines
We managed to make a chamber with microclimate practically identical to the salt mines of the famous Ukrainian Allergological Hospital in Solotvyno (founded in 1968) which is closed now.

The air in the chamber is as clean as in the surgery room with the concentration of dust, toxins and microorganisms being 8-10 times lower than outside. The natural environment is 8mg/m3, salt is additionally diffused for improving efficiency. Salt particles are very small, 99% of them are within the range of 0.5-4 microns, thus, easily penetrating to the smallest bronchial tubes.

• Qualified specialists and technical facilities
Head Physician of the health resort is a high level certified Gastroenterologist with 23-years’ experience in sanatorium resort treatment. A Physical Therapist having gained an additional qualification in salt treatment also works in Carpatia health resort.

Before treatment, all patients suffering from pulmonary diseases shall undergo a spirometry testing. It reveals a true picture of lungs functioning: breathing and lung capacity etc. This testing shall be applied for all patients diagnosed with pulmonary diseases prior to treatment. An additional testing at the end is applied for evaluating the treatment efficiency.

• Salt is not the only curative agent. Asthma is not the only disease cured here.
We offer combined therapy. On the first day you will definitely consult a doctor asking you about all the nuances of your body and changing your treatment regimen if necessary and adapting it to your personal needs. In case of any associated diseases you will be recommended some procedures for their curing.

Hydrotherapy (water drinking, mineral baths, showers, thermal water), a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures (inhalation, paraffin and magnetic therapy, ultraviolet radiation, massage) will increase treatment efficiency.

The diseases listed below are treated at Carpatia health resort: gastrointestinal and urogenital diseases, liver and bile-excreting disorders; metabolic disorders, allergic diseases and chronic intoxication. You are welcome to have comfortable living and receive treatment at Carpatia attending hospital with thermal water in the nearest village of Veliatyno. These additional procedures are effective in the following cases: Locomotor and nervous system diseases, metabolic and endocrine disorders, some cardiovascular and gynecological diseases.

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• 24 hours treatment
Shayan health resort is located in the purest ecological place of Ukraine. This is a mountainous area with mild and relatively warm climate. Carpatia is located on the outskirts of the village being surrounded by a beech wood especially helpful in curing respiratory organs. After procedures you will breathe crystal clear mountainous air instead of local street emissions, eat natural food grown by local producers, drink deep-well detoxicative water.

Your lungs will rest from all disease-producing factors and allergenic agents, the whole body will get cleared and relaxed, the immune system will recover.

Patients suffering from asthma are offered a hypoallergenic diet with a possibility of ordering individual dishes if needed. Meals are made in the restaurant by the team of excellent cooks. That is why even dietetic dishes are delicious.

Strolls in the forest accompanied by a sports coach (positive feedback about our Vasyl are available in Internet), quiet atmosphere in the health resort, large fenced off territory, absolute silence and relaxation procedures help to improve the psychological state of adults and kids, which is especially important in cases of bronchial asthma.

Feedback from people having undergone asthma therapy in Karpatia

“I am never tired of expressing my gratitude to the Director and staff of Carpatia health resort! Thank you for making a miracle. I have been visiting this place every year and I can live and breathe fully only thanks to you! I gave up taking medications for treating asthma. My remission has been lasting for 3 years already while the illness used to be of high severity. I am a physician and know perfectly well what it means for my health. I am absolutely happy about it! Though my family members are healthy I’ve been taking them along for the sake of preventive care.”

Anna Vasylivna, Ternopil region

“I cannot find the right words to express our gratitude. Treatment in Carpatia contributed to the full recovery of our son from asthma being a really terrible disease. Many methods we had applied were unsuccessful and he was getting worse. We were visiting the chamber for a few years and every year. And now we can freely travel all around the world. At last, the wild fear I used to feel about my child is over and now we are finally free and happy!”

Olena, Dmytro and Taras, the city of Kyiv

“Our daughter is diagnosed with chronic obstructive bronchitis. She has been suffering from frequent URTI resulting in bronchitis aggravation We have tried phytotherapy, antibiotics, immune stimulants, physical procedures... But significant improvement was finally evident only after visiting the salt chamber here in Carpatia. We are planning to come here again and I do believe in full recovery and hope to forget about illnesses like a nightmare.”

Elisabeth, the city of Kharkiv

12 days is a minimum treatment duration. The most preferable duration for achieving a long-lasting remission is 21 days.