Shayan mineral water


  • Mineral baths
  • Phyto- and aroma-baths
  • Hydro-ozone therapy
  • Pearl and hydromassage baths
  • Underwater manual massage shower

Colon therapy

  • Colon therapy
  • Microenema

Thermal baths


Salt therapy (salt room)


  • Darsonvalism
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Diadynamic therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Amplipulse therapy
  • Inhalation
  • Quartz tubule
  • Ozocerite
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pressure therapy
  • Oxygen cocktails


  • General
  • Local
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Anti-stress
  • Aroma
  • Stone
  • Bamboo

Russian bath

Infrared sauna


  • Face care
  • Body care

Please note that all the therapeutic procedures are indicated after doctor’s advice only. 

Mineral water

Shayan healing mineral water is used for therapy in Karpatia.

Shayan resort is famous for its ecological safety, while volcanoc rocks of local mountains serve as an ideal water filter. That is why Shayan initially clean waters have unique healing properties and are being used since 1876.

Carbonic low-mineral siliceous hydrocarbon sodium water types named Shayan-4 and Shayan-242 are similar to the most popular Vichy Celestins and Borzhomi water by their composition. The uniqueness of their chemical composition is in combination of hydrocarbonates and silicic acid.

Special mineral water supply system allows to eliminate its contact with air and permanent warming, thus, this water is not oxidated and fully preserves its healing properties.

More details about Shayan mineral water >>


Mineral baths

Healing mechanism:
• water influences numerous nerve-endings located under the skin which is the biggest organ of human body;
• water pressure influences blood circulation, respiration, nervous and lymphatic systems;
• water creates the so-called “salt mantle” - the deposit of mineral agents that are continuously absorbed by the body long after the procedure.
Mineral baths have complex influence on body, joints, general body systems and immune system.

Recommended for:
• complex treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses, intoxications, respiratory diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.;
• locomotor system diseases;
• early atherosclerosis, hypotonia, neurocircular dystonia;
• central and peripheral nervous system trauma effects;
• psychological and emotional disorders.
Warm bath improves blood circulation in skin, vessels and chronic inflammatory areas, accelerate body purification. Cold bath has additional toning-up effect, while the bath of neutral temperature close to body temperature is more relaxing.

Characteristics of use
It is not recommended to have bath on an empty stomach or immediately after meal, physical training, physiotherapy (a break between the procedures is required and it should take at least one hour), bad feelings (weakness, headache). It is recommended to have a rest after the bath.

Medical Alerts:
general to health resort treatment.


Phyto- and aroma-bath

Phyto- and aroma-bath with herbs and essential oils is one of the most effective traditional ways of health improvement. It eliminates fatigue, calm nervous system, rejuvenate and purify skin, normalize sleeping, improve metabolic processes and have psychotherapeutic effect.

We also offer Cleopatra’s Bath, wine bath, mineral water with different herbs and essential oils:
• needles, valerian, lavender (soothing);
• boschofite (locomotor system);
• horse chestnut (varicose veins);
• camomile (anti-inflammatory).
• field herbs (stimulating);
• pinimentol (anti-cold).

Hydro-ozone therapy

This is a method of ozone therapy with the use of ozone and oxygen mixture in a bath. It has a complex influence on the body, anti-inflammatory and immune-improving effect, increases micro-circulation and metabolism.

Recommended for:
general health improvement and body purification, improvement of immunity. Cosmetic effect – stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin, natural ability of skin to keep moisture is regenerated, and as a result skin becomes younger, elastic and resilient.

Medical Alerts:
Blood coagulation disorders, thrombocytopenia, hyperthyroidism, acute intoxication and ozone allergy, cardiac, renal and liver deficiency syndrome at decompensation.

Pearl and hydromassage baths

Pearl bath is a bath where air is supplied under high pressure. This results in bubble-pearls that this type of bath was named after. This massage procedure using air and water is not only helpful but also very pleasant.
Pearl bath stimulates blood circulation, normalizes pressure, removes pain in the back, rheumatic symptoms, muscles tension, improves skin state, decreases cellulite, etc.
Recommended for:
functional disorders of nervous system; locomotor system problems; early stages of hypertonia; metabolism disorders; stresses, insomnia, motionless way of life.
Medical Alerts:
acute inflammatory processes, some cardio-vascular diseases, second and third stages of hypertonia, some skin diseases.

Underwater massage shower

Underwater massage shower is made in hydromassage bath: water stream is supplied under pressure of 1-4 atmospheres to different parts of patient’s body under water. The level of sensitivity of patient to mechanical impact at different parts of the body is taken into account during this procedure. The water jet is used to massage the limbs, pressure of 1-2 atmospheres is optimal for body massage, heart area, reproductive organs mammary glands areas are totally excluded.
Recommended for:
complex treatment of digestive organs diseases, cardio-vascular, nervous, osseous and muscular systems and spine diseases, metabolism disorders, rehabilitation after trauma, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cellulite, depression.
Medical Alerts:
All the diseases with counter-indication to general bath and shower, myocardial infarction in anamnesis less than two years, arrhythmia, thrombophlebitis, acute skin diseases, lowered toughness of vascular walls.

Colon therapy

Hydro-colon therapy is one of the newest methods aimed not only at purifying the body, but also at bowel diseases and accompanying illnesses treatment. Has detoxing, metabolic, kinetic and immune-corrective action.
Recommended for:
constipations, irritated large intestine syndrome, intestine toxicosis, biliary dyskinesia, overweight. Intoxication phenomena (headaches and fatigue), immune system disorder symptoms (frequent respiratory diseases, dermatitis).
Medical Alerts:
heavy cardiovascular diseases, high arterial pressure, express cardiac deficiency, aorta and big vessels aneurysm, heavy anemia, intestinal bleeding, intestine perforation, acute hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, tumors, intestine diverticulitis.
Hydro-colon therapy is made only after consultation with proctologist.


Warmed mineral water or healing solutions, oils are administered through rectum. The patient is preliminary subject to purifying clyster. Micro-clyster improved blood circulation and metabolism in mucous membrane of intestine, decreases inflammatory phenomena.
Recommended for:
chronic colitis, rectum mucous membrane illness.
Medical Alerts:
acute hemorrhoids, oncological diseases.

Thermal water

In Velyatyno village which is close to Carpatia, there is a thermal spring located at Tepli Wody preventorium. Upon necessity, our guests may stay with comfort and have therapy at Carpatia and additionally visit the thermal baths. 

Thermal water of Velyatyno has increased concentration of bromine and iodine, so it has a calming effect, healing effect of locomotor system, nervous and cardio-vascular systems, some gynecological diseases, respiratory illnesses, etc.

Water is pumped from a bore that is almost 1 km deep, its temperature is from +40 to +600C. Before using this water for procedures it is cooled down to mild and pleasant temperature 30-380C. Velyatyno water mineralization is 100 g/l (sea water has only 3 g/l). Healing baths of thermal, boric, boric-chloride-sodium water with increased concentration of iodine from Velyatyn spring, three swimming pools with thermal water will benefit your health.

Salt therapy (salt chamber, halotherapy)

Salt therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat respiratory organs diseases. Moreover, it is the most natural and non-toxic method. With this method, many people have even forgotten about such hard diseases as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and allergy. Healthy people will also benefit from staying in a salt chamber because special and almost sterile microclimate with healing aerosol of salt will improve the release of lung mucus, general state of lungs, and provide the overall cleaning of the organism.

Salt chamber at Carpatia has its special and unique characteristics that make its microclimate almost equal to that of famous salt mines of National allergological hospital in Solotvyno.

Treatment method with salt therapy is rather simple and pleasant: you enter the chamber where walls and floor are covered with thick layer of Solotvyno salt, comfort yourself in a beach chair and relax in semidarkness listening to quiet music for 10-30 minutes.

Patients with bronchial and lungs diseases should receive preliminary advice of pulmonologist.

Recommended for:

Children and adults that frequently suffer from respiratory illnesses, workers at harmful enterprises, smokers, pre-asthma patients, light and medium from of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis with obstructional and bronchospasmodical component, asthmatic bronchitis patients, and for general recovery and cleaning of your organism.

Medical Alerts:

Kidney and ureter diseases, hypertonia of 2B level, ischemic heart disease, strain stenocardia, post-infarction cardiosclerosis, epilepsy and other spasmodic syndromes, diseases at which health resort therapy is prohibited.

Salt chamber study protocol for Carpatia Health resort 

Learn more about the salt therapy>>



Physiotherapy methods include:

• balneotherapy (mineral water treatment, mud therapy);
• climatotherapy (cave treatment, mountain air effect);
• hydro- and thermo-therapy (thermal water treatment, thermal treatment);
• inhalation (treatment through respiratory tracts);
• mechanotherapy (medicinal gymnastics and massages of all types);
• electro-, photo- and magneto-therapy (electric beams treatment, light, magnetic field).

All these methods have been successfully used in Carpatia Health Resort for many years.

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment method for wide range of different diseases. It provides good results using complex treatment of gastro-intestinal tract diseases, muscles, bones and joints illnesses, cardiac and respiratory system deviations, including asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, nervous system disorders.

At Carpatia physiotherapy cabinet you may also have the following procedures:
• Darsonvalism;
• magnetoherapy;
• ultrasound;
• amplipulse therapy;
• diadynamic therapy;
• inhalation;
• quartz tubus;
• gum hydromassage.

All these procedures must be assigned by a doctor, because each of it has its own indications and contra-indications. Besides, some of them are incompatible with each other, so they are indicated for different days.


This is one of the electro-therapeutic methods in which body is influenced by high-frequency impulses with high voltage and low power.
Darsonvalism is most frequently used to treat arteries and veins, respiratory system, neurological illnesses, in gynecology, skin diseases, baldness and hair shedding.
Recommended for:
gastro-intestinal tract diseases, respiratory system, ENT-organs, locomotor systems, neurological illnesses, skin diseases, varicose veins, etc.
Medical Alerts:
for patients with malignant tumors, disposition to bleeding, intolerance to current, pregnancy, epilepsy, skin sensitivity disorders.


The use of low-frequency, pulsing and continuous magnetic field for treatment purposes. The impact of magnetic field intensifies metabolism, improves microcirculation, tissues trophism and regeneration, activates host defenses.
Recommended for:
complex treatment of gastro-intestinal tract diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, Raynaud syndrome.
Medical Alerts:
expressed hypotensia, general counter-indications to health resort treatment and electric therapy.

Diadynamic therapy

treatment with the use of two low-frequency low-power (up to 50 mA) impulsive currents. Stimilates metabolism in tissues and phagocytosis, acts as analgesic.
Recommended for:
dystrophic, inflammatory and degenerative illnesses of internal organs, locomotor, perypheral nervous system, obstructive vessel diseases, traumas.
Medical Alerts:
general counter-indications to health resort treatment, disposition to bleeding, purulent processes.

Gum hydromassage

Hydro-therapeutic procedure with the use of mineral water in order to treat dental diseases. Hydromassage effect is achieved by thermal, mechanical and chemical impact of mineral water.

Recommended for: paradontosis, pulpitis, gingivitis, stomatitis.

After gum watering with hydromassage method using mineral water:

  • capillary network is extended and blood circulation is intensified;
  • metabolic processes in paradont tissues and protective properties are improved;
  • hypoxia is eliminated;
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved which leads to resorption of inflammable exudation and tissue edema is decreased.

Hydromassage technique is as follows: Mineral water with temperature of 36-400C, stream pressure is from 0.5 to 1.5 atmospheres, procedure lasts 5-10 minutes.


Treatment method which uses continuous or impulsive electric field of ultrahigh frequency to influence certain parts of the body. Under the influence of ultrasound, ionic composition of blood, lymph, muscles, parenchymatous organs is changed. The procedure has bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Recommended for:
Acute and semi-acute inflammatory processes, including purulent if there are pus drainage ways (gastro-intestinal tract, respiratory system, locomotor system diseases; nervous system traumas, neuralgia, Raynaud syndrome.
Medical Alerts:
metal substances at the impact area; lack of pus drainage ways, expressed hypotensia.

Amplipulse therapy

Impact of sinusoidal current of middle-frequency modulated by the low-frequency within the range used for therapeutic purposes. Amplipulse has more intensive analgetic effect, while contraction of muscles tissues assists the improvement of peripheral blood circulation and tissue stimulation.
Recommended for:
Atonic dyskinesia of large intestine, pain syndrome after locomotor, nervous system and internal organs traumas; paresis and paralysis of limbs muscles, body, face; cerebral palsy at children; limbs vessels diseases; gynecological illnesses.
Medical Alerts:
general counter-indications to health resort treatment, disposition to bleeding, purulent processes, toxic states, extensive skin problems, individual intolerance, skin injuries at the electrode application areas.


Inhalation of medical mixtures using inhaler. In Carpatia, we use mineral water for inhalation as well as herbal and medical solutions.
Recommended for:
prevention and treatment of acute and chronic respiratory illnesses, bronchitis, lungs and nasopharynx problems, prevention of bronchial asthma, etc.
Only after doctor’s recommendation:
at bleedings and disposition to them, lungs and heart diseases with expressed cardiovascular deficiency, last stages of hypertension.

Quartz tubule

General and local exposure to long light waves. Excellent for different inflammatory, cold and infectious illnesses. The procedures provide strong regenerative and bactericidal effect at the inflamed areas.
Recommended for:
Internal organs and mucous membrane diseases, inflammation of ENT-organs, skin diseases, bronchial asthma, inflammatory and post-trauma joints problems.
Medical Alerts:
malignant tumors, disposition to bleeding, thyrotoxicosis, systematic blood diseases, increased sensitivity to UV exposure.


Ozocerite is a wax-like substance that contains paraffin, ceresine, mineral oils and pitches. Ozocerite of 50-600C is applied to the sick part of the body and cover with a blanket. Ozocerite application has anti-inflammatory, vessel-broadening, dissolving, antispasmodic effect, stimulates tissue regeneration.
Recommended for:
Chronic diseases of internal organs and surface tissues, reproductive organs, ENT-organs and locomotor systems.
Medical Alerts:
acute inflammatory processes, expressed atherosclerosis, cirrhosis, infectious illnesses, vegetative-vascular dysfunction.

Mud therapy

Therapeutic effect of mud is achieved by thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological factors, it has anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, bactericidal, antianxiety effect, improves blood circulation.
Recommended for:
gastrointestinal illnesses, respiratory diseases, locomotor system diseases, skin illnesses, effects after infectious and traumatic injuries of nervous system.
Medical Alerts:
Acute inflammatory processes in different locations and chronic problems in the acute stage, bronchial asthma, cirrhosis, uterus leiomyoma, menstruation, varicose, infectious diseases.


General massage is helpful to anyone as it has a positive impact at all body systems including nervous, muscles, bones, heart and vessels, respiratory, immune system, skin and internal organs.

Local massageis indicated when certain organs, part of the body or states need correction. For example, upper and lower limbs massage improves blood and lymph circulation, neck area massage improves the state of neck and breast parts of spine, blood supply to the brain and has anti-stress effect.

Anti-cellulite (modeling) massage is good for those who are not satisfied with their figure and need some correction and weight loss.

Antistress and aroma-massage assists deep relaxation of muscles, improves sleep and emotional state, and helps to overcome depression.
Stone-therapy (massage with warm and cold stones) intensifies metabolism, regulates vegetative system, activates endocrine and immune systems, helps to harmonize body energy.

Bamboo massage. Bamboo is a plant that has remarkable vital power. It’s no wonder that it is a symbol of strength, flexibility and irresistible growth in Eastern cultures. Its positive energy is especially felt during bamboo sticks massage. A master skilfully uses bamboo to stimulate energetically active spots of the body on the surface as well as on the deep level. The bamboo sticks are filled with sand or small seeds that create vibration with each touch. This massage has excellent effect. Specialists recommend this type of massage for weight loss. You will also get rid of any stress, bad mood and thoughts, your blood circulation will speed up and you will lose varix. Another special characteristic of this massage is that it helps to make your skin younger. 
Lymphatic drainage massage: corrects figure from the first session.
Only a few realize how important the lymphatic drainage is. It is vitally important! Lymphatic drainage massage should be included into any anti-cellulite program. It’s extremely hard to fight cellulite and decrease local fat deposits without lymphatic drainage. It removes extra fluids from fat tissues. Microcirculation disorder and internal edema are inseparable parts of inflammation processes, tissues dystrophy and natural aging process.
It is an effective prevention that maintains normal metabolism at healthy people.
Medical alerts:
Acute fever and hight body temperature; bleedings, blood diseases; purulent and any inflammatory processes; aneurysm; tumors; acute gastrointestinal disorders; express sclerosis of brain vessels; psychological problems with excessive agitation.

Russian bath

Carpatia offers traditional bath with firewood, icy pool near crystal-clear mountain stream.
Almost everyone has experienced the effect of Russian bath: Detoxication, relaxation of muscles, circulation improvement at skin and internal organs, immunity strengthening, chronic respiratory problems treatment, etc. Moreover, it is very pleasant, drives your spirits and sleep.

Medical Alerts:
All the inflammatory processes and acute states of illnesses, hight temperature, weakness and fatigue, all types of bleeding, heavy cardiovascular diseases, urolithiasis, neoplasms and hypertension.

Infrared sauna

Penetration of infrared waves into the depths of the body warms up tissues, organs, muscles, bones and joints, intensifies blood and lymph circulation. Better circulation improves metabolism and oxygen supply to tissues. Intensified circulation of lymph strengthens immune system, decreases inflammatory processes, helps recovery and prevention of sickness. Infrared sauna has express analgetic effect.

Due to temperature adjustment possibilities in infrared sauna, it has far less counter-indications than traditional sauna or Russian bath.

Medical Alerts:

acute purulent processes, neoplasms, infectious and inflammatory illnesses with hight temperature, disposition to bleeding, continuously high blood pressure with organic changes of internal organs, labile form of diabetes with periodic or stable acidosis, cachexy.


Healthy sleeping at beehives is treatment with bees but without any bites!
Only one-hour sleep positively influences cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems and strengthens the immunity. It improves sleep, enhances productivity and mood, while treatment of chronic diseases becomes more effective. 

Primary indications: depressed immunity, circulation disorders, endocrine and nervous system diseases, heightened or lowered blood pressure, cardiovascular and locomotor diseases, stress and depression.

Apiotherapy or beehives sleeping achieves its effect through therapeutic vibromassage; microwaves are almost non-perceptible. The procedure is very pleasant and you will recover your strength just in few hours! Besides, you inhale the healing air saturated with apiculture products and just in ten minutes most microbes in lungs and bronchus are eliminated. The air near the beehive is highly-ionized which helps to decrease the level of free radicals in the body. Bee family also produces biomagnetic field which normalizes all the body functions and strengthens the immunity.


Rest at Carpatia Health Resort will surely improve your health and make you fit. Tranquil and wonderful nature of Ukrainian Carpathians, fresh air, healing mineral water, healthy nutrition, walks and active entertainment – all these factors will have a positive impact not only your feeling but also your look. Of course, everybody wants not only a refreshment but to blossom up with health to excite your family and friends at home!

That is why we welcome to our cosmetology facilities in Carpatia. Our professional cosmetologist will carefully listen to all your complaints, perform necessary diagnostics, analyze examination results and define the cause of skin defects, and indicate and carry our effective program to eliminate them.

Visit our cosmetologist room in order diminish mimic and age wrinkles, to treat acne, eliminate post-acne signs, and make your skin healthy, fresh, brigth and young... In the end of the day - it is just absolutely pleasing to take care about yourself!

Cosmetologist services:
• face cleaning; 
• apparatus cosmetology; 
• peeling; 
• mesotherapy; 
• epilation; 
• complex face-care program;
• rejuvenation program; 
• complex body care program.

Care programs with cosmetics of Gi-Gi (Isreal) and Janson (Germany)
Effective program to protect your skin from harmful environment: stimulates cell breathing and removes toxins, moistures epidermis using osmosis, nourishes and impregnates skin with energy due to high concentration of sea plants.

Wrapping helps: 

  • To remove edema;
  • Reduce body mass, on average to 3 cm for one session;
  • Reduce the display of cellulite, remove toxins and purify the body;
  • Recover microcirculation in tissues and adjust metabolism;
  • Improve skin tone, make it elastic and blooming;
  • Reduce vascular imprint and skin stretching signs.