Therapy and accommodation costs

Carpatia Health Resort accepts two types of payment:

1) health resort rest package including accommodation, therapy and 3 dietary meals per day.

Prices for rest package >>

2) hotel stay which includes accommodation and breakfast. 
All the other services (therapy, spa-procedures, meals, etc.) are charged separately according to the relevant price lists.

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What options are more affordable in Carpathians?

1) prices depend on the season. Certainly, the lowest prices are during the low season, while the highest are at the peak season. Seasonal price is shown in separate price list columns. The less people, the more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Places are mostly vacant and you can choose convenient time for therapeutic procedures. These are the advantages of the low season. Summer weather and vacation period are the high season benefits. 

2) Prices for 12 and 18-days’ rest package are always lower within the low season. Please pay attention to the following offers as the complex of at least 12-days’ treatment procedures is required for achieving a long-lasting and evident therapy effect.

3) Loyalty program is available for our regular guests;

4) of course, we sometimes promote different interesting and attractive offers. Keep track of our announcements at the web-site and social networks!