Tours around Transcarpathia

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Here are just some of the offered routes.

Shayan village — Khust — Iza village — Shayan village

- Felt factory (shop)
- Willow Wicker Center
- Deer and ostrich farm

Do not miss the unique opportunity to visit an ancient city of Khust and the famous felt factory in Ukraine, where you can buy exclusive hats for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones! The next stop is the center of Iza willow wicker center, where you can see for yourself how the ancient traditions of weaving of the willow up to now exist in the manufacture of various souvenirs, articles of everyday use, furniture, etc. Well, finally, an incredible trip to the deer and ostrich farm, most animals are tame, they can even be fed with bread!

Shayan village — Mukachevo — Shayan village

- Palanok Castle
- Excursion on the Peace street
- Palace of Prince Ferents Rakotsi and Count Shenborn
- Russian Drama Theater
- St. Nicholas Monastery

Mukachevo is one of the most picturesque and most famous cities of Transcarpathia. At different times the city was part of different states, which was reflected in its architecture, national-ethnic composition, traditions and customs of the population. It mixed Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Austrian and other cultures, which made the city so unsurpassed and unique. Two medieval castles adorn the city: Mukachevo or Palanok (XI century) and Chynadiyevo (XV century). But if the castles were necessary for waging war, then for secular life feudal families sought to build calmer, but at the same time, magnificent palace houses. The large dimensions, scope, luxury in the interior of the interior, the originality and diversity of architectural styles with external furnishing of the buildings - all this is inherent in the palaces of the families Schonborn (Carpatia resort) and Rakotsi ( Mukachevo town).

Shayan village — Nyzhne Selyshche village – Shayan village

- Dairy (making cheese by Swiss technology)
- Nankovo St. Nicholas Monastery

No one will tell you when cheese production started in the Carpathians, but everyone knows exactly where the only active mountain dairy is located. It is located 40 minutes drive from Carpathia health resort. In addition to tasting natural, environmentally pure and extremely tasty cheeses, cheesemongers offer all their visitors to explore the unique experience of cheese making. Each participant of the excursion can study the history, features, technology of cheese making, and most importantly - to make this wonderful nutritious product itself. 
Nankovo St. Nicholas Monastery is worthy of attention through the Nankovo image of the Most Holy Mother of God, one of the most respected in Transcarpathia. It was discovered in the village of Nankovo, Khust district, in the Polyanka area, in 1690. According to the people’s remarks, the owner of the field, where the icon appeared, regretted a plot of land for the construction of a monastery or chapel in honor of the Blessed Virgin on this place. They put the icon on the cart, harnessed oxen, but they stood, as if they were dug, because they were detained by God’s power. The icon left at its chosen place in the valley of the Khustets River.

Shayan village — Berehovo town — Janoshi village — Shayan village

- Thermal pools
- Vynohradiv castle and the palace of magnate P.Perentsi.
- Tasting of natural 6 types of wine

According to the chronicles Beregovo is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine. The famous church writer Papai Pariz Ferenc argued that the Romans lived there before the Hungarian settlement.
However, the most attractive tourist attraction is the thermal pool, which is located near the Transcarpathia sports center. Water temperature in the pool is 32–34 degrees. Water is naturally fed from a source which depth reaches over 1600 m. In the pool, thermal water contains silicon, nitrogen, sodium chloride with high mineralization. So spend time with pleasure and bring benefits to your health!

Shayan village — Lake Synevyr —Shayan village

- Mizhhiria town: stop near the 500-year-old oak
- Lake Synevyr (Mountain Eye, 958 meters above sea level)

Synevir is the largest of the Carpathian mountain lakes. Its beauty in human imagination causes a variety of sacred images. Therefore, the locals gave the lake not one name: Sea Eye, Pearl of the Carpathians. If you look at it from the height of the bird’s flight, you will see a marvelous look - a rich blue mirror-like water surface in the green thick of the wood, with a small island in the middle. The lake is shaped like a heart, and surrounded by age-old beeches and fir trees. The water in the lake is so clean that you can see the bottom. From afar the water seems bright blue. The air here is as nowhere else, fresh and light, filled with the scent of needles. It seems that you do not feel the air, breathing freely and easily. 

Shayan village — Shypit waterfall— Shayan village

- Pylypets village, Shypit waterfall
- Rope and Chair Road
- Museum of Wooden Churches

10 km from Volovets Railway Station and 6 km from the Pylypets village Mizhhirya district, on the river Pylypets the 14-meters’ Shypit waterfall falls down with numerous picturesque cascades. The waterfall formed as a result of the erosion of the rock by the stream of Pylypets, which found the way out of its waters in the deep canyon. 
After contemplating this incredible sight and moving with a lift to the top, the doors of the Museum of Trees churches will reveal you secrets...
The museum is located in a small room on the territory of the Aratta restaurant and hotel complex. The folk artist Andriy Vorobets carved wooden models here. Most of the exhibits were destroyed or burned down, however, theyr aere reproduced by the craftsman after book descriptions. In fact, there is something to look at!

Shayan village — Nyzhne Selyshche village — Shayan village

- Narcissus Valley (narcissus field, blooms from about 10 to 25 May)

Narcissus Valley is a unique botanical object in which the largest central narcissus narcissus (Narcissus angustifolius) in Central Europe is guarded. This Middle European high mountain view is common in the Alps, the Balkans and the Carpathians at altitudes of 1100-2060 m.
But the one that makes you breathless is not at all connected with the statistical data and the rarity of this flower, it’s something else ... It looks like a whole sky of stars on the green grassy blanket! The legend tells us that it was precisely in the mirror waters of the Khustets river that the Greek god Narcissus saw his image, fell in love and died on the shore from anguish.

Shayan village — Teresva — Bedevlia Village — Tiachiv town

- Romanian market 
- Male monastery (here you can buy icons made of beads)
Walk around the Tiachiv town

Shayan village — Kalyny village — Shayan village

- Museum of national Transcarpathian clothes
- exotic fruits in Transcarpathian garden
- honey and homemade wine