Medical indications

Medical indications for therapy at Karpatia Health Resort

The health resort profile: digestive, urogenital, endocrine, metabolic, respiratory and locomotor disorders, allergies, intoxications.

Carpatia Health Resort offers therapy for patients suffering from the following diseases:

1. gastrointestinal disorders:
•chronic gastritis with hyposecretion, normal secretion and hypersecretion in remission and unstable remission;
•gastroduodenit, duodenogastric reflux;
gastroduodenal ulcer in remission and unstable remission;
post-gastrectomy syndrome with compensated and subcompensated forms;
•reflux esophagitis;
•intestinal functional disorders;
•irritable bowel syndrome;
•postsurgical complications (postgastrectomy dumping syndrome, postcholecystectomy syndrome);
•chronic enteritis and enterocolitis in remission and unstable remission;
•chronic colitis in remission.

2. Urogenital disorders:
• postsurgical condition of kidneys and urinary tracts in 1-1.5 months;
•chronic pyelonephritis with kidney and urinary tract abnormalities and satisfactory urodynamics; • post pyelonephritic condition in 2-3 months;
•chronic cystitis of a non-tuberculous nature;
•chronic prostatitis;
•urinary stone disease, the state after a surgical intervention and instrumental removing calculus, complicated by pyelonephritis and cystitis;
•comorbidities associated with urinary tracts (chronic pyelocystitis, cystitis, urinary stone diseases without renal colics, urine acid diathesis).

3. Hepatic and bile-excreting disorders:
•biliary dyskinesia;
•chronic cholecystitis in remission;
•calculous cholecystitis with infrequent biliary colic;
•post cholecystectomy state with no evidence of biliary obstruction;
•chronic persistent hepatitis;
•post viral hepatitis state;
•chronic pancreatitis.

4. Metabolic disorders: 
•adiposis; uratic arthritis;
•latent, mild and moderate diabetes mellitus in the phase of stable compensation (glycemia up to 10 mmol/L; glucosuria not exceeding 5% within a 24-hour period) with no evidence of ketoacidosis or hypoglycemic states;
•uratic diathesis;
•hypoferric anemia.

5. Allergic disorders and chronic intoxication

6. Respiratory disorders:
mild and moderate bronchial asthma;
chronic obstructive and bronchospasm-inducing bronchitis;
•asthmatic bronchitis.

7. Locomotor system
•polyarthritis (excluding tuberculous polyarthritis);
•I stage rheumatoid arthritis;
•vertebral osteochondrosis with and without radicular syndrome;
• disk protrusion, consequences caused by joints and bone fractures;
myositis, periarthritis, radiculitis;
•polyneuritis, posttraumatic nerve-ending lesion and peripheral nerve lesion in remission.

Medical Alerts:
• general contra-indications allowing no therapy in the health resort facility;
scarry esophageal and intestinal strictures with obstruction, biliary duct stricture;
gastric ulcer (complicated by pyloric stenosis), duodenal ulcer with repeated hemorrhages complicated by penetration and malignant ulcer, Zollinger-Ellison disease;
intestine disorders of tuberculous and parasitogenic etiology, nonspecific ulcerative colitis;
postsurgical complications requiring hospital treatment in surgical departments;
active chronic pyelonephritis;
I-II degree chronic kidney disease;
renal hypertension (with arterial tension exceeding 180/100 mm of Mercury);
severe decompensated diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis and hypoglycemic states.