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Marvelous Carpatia

Carpatia Health Resort (Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Cartificate No. 011777 from 12/24/2013) is a top-class health resort differing from many other recreation facilities in the Carpathians. The cleanest air, tranquil and quiet spacious territory in the middle of Carpathians mountains... Comfortable rooms, modern health center and well-developed infrastructure will improve your health and make your rest in Transcarpathia perfect.

Carpatia Health Resort is considered to be one of the best in the Carpathian mountains being a real pearl of the well-known Shayan Resort rich in healing mineral water sources. This health resort has been famous since Austria-Hungarian times, while Shayan water were supplied to the nobles of Paris, Vien, and Budapest.

Our guests say that the nature itself is healing here. We should tell you a secret: Carpatia personnel helps the nature with special care.


Our advantages

MODERN THERAPEUTIC FACILITIES and large number of different procedures, own pumproom with Shayan mineral water of two types. We receive children and adults for the therapy, we treat gastrointestinal illnesses, bile ducts diseases, metabolism, respiratory system and locomotor system problems. Spa-procedures, cosmetologist and health-improving programs are developed for those willing to improve health state or look. The health resort package includes the complex necessary for effective health-improvement, but you can also stay in Carpatia as in a hotel and select the procedures at your own discretion (upon the agreement of the chief doctor).

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SPACE With spacious closed territory in the middle of beech-wood (the best atmosphere for allergic and asthmatic people) there is enough space for a walk or entertainment where you may feel calm and protected. Trabscarpathian region is famous for its safe ecological environment, while Shayan resort is known for its unique mild climate. The guarded parking lot, pond for fishing, tennis court, open-air swimming pool, playground and gym are located at the territory.

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COMFORT Cosy and modern apartments of 4* category with all the necessary conditions and small things that are must-have prerequisites for marvelous rest. 50 hotel apartments are here at your service: one- and two-rooms apartments, while families with kids prefer two-storeyed cottages. Kolyba restaurant is located right at the health resort territory and offers dietary and restaurant meals that are always tasteful, fresh and made of local eco products.

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1 – entrance, guards
2 – healthcare and spa centre, hotel
3 – sauna
4 – ping-pong
5 – hotel
6 – summer pool
7 – wooden cottages
8 – restaurant
9 – playground

10 – grill bar and night cafe
11 – hotel
12 – playhouse
13 – football, basketball, volleyball
14 – festive events terrace, amphitheater
15 – summer cafe
16 – fishing pond
17 – apiotherapy (beehive sleeping)
18 – football, volleyball
19 – parking lot