Рецепція, тел.:
+38 (03142) 59-228,
+38 (03142) 59-310

+38 (067) 312-76-45
Бронювання, тел.:
+38 (067) 312-76-49
з 9:00 до 18:00

вул. Центральна, 87,
с.Шаян, Хустський р-н,
Закарпатська обл.
Україна, 90457

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How to get to "Karpatia"?

  • By train to the station Uzhhorod or Mukachevo ((timetable of trains: uz.gov.ua)
  • By plane, airport in Uzhhorod
  • From Mukachevo and Uzhhorod busses or taxies
  • Transfer can be arranged by sanatorium upon request for an extra charge
  • By car
    (from Mukachevo it`s 100 km, direction to Xust, from there there are pointers to village Shayan, the sanatorium is situated in the end of the village)


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