Рецепція, тел.:
+38 (03142) 59-228,
+38 (03142) 59-310

+38 (067) 312-76-45
Бронювання, тел.:
+38 (067) 312-76-49
з 9:00 до 18:00

вул. Центральна, 87,
с.Шаян, Хустський р-н,
Закарпатська обл.
Україна, 90457

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“Karpatia” sanatorium

Within the whole space of resort Shayan sanatorium “Karpatia” is the best place to stay. Resort Shayan was famous from the ancient times for its natural sources of healing mineral water. Moreover in past this water had been regularly delivered to the richest magnates from Viena and Budapest, as its quality and healing power were incredibly strong.

The clearest and fresh air, silence and peace around, magic piece of land inside Carpathian mountains.... Comfortable and cozy rooms, modern equipment, high developed infrastructure — all this is the guarantee of your perfect vacation and exellent improvement of your health.

It is a common thought of lots of our guests that in this place the nature heales by itself. However you should know that personnel of “Karpatia” closely helps it!

Sanatorium with euporean level of service is specialized on healing the diseases of gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, metabolism, respiratory, asthma, allergies, etc.
Electronic pump with mineral water “Shayanska” (there are only 5 of them existing in Ukraine), modern medical center, unique salt chamber, as well as professional doctors and medical staff. That`s all at your service at any time of the year. More detailed information read in the part Treatment.

One more advantage of “Karpatia” sanatorium is its location. Huge closed and securied territory, far away from loud streets and towns, in addition full comfort: 50 double rooms, VIP — cottages from wood, two-floor “Kolyba” (national restaurant) with diet-, standart-, kids- and grill menu. Plus you will never get bored here thanks to carefully developed entertainment structure.

Sanatorium “Karpatia” owns first category from the Accreditation Commission of Ukrainian Ministry of Health (Sertificate № 008696 from 30.09.2010 ), licence from Ministry of Health in Ukraine AB №431053 from 19.08.2008.