Рецепція, тел.:
+38 (03142) 59-228,
+38 (03142) 59-310

+38 (067) 312-76-45
Бронювання, тел.:
+38 (067) 312-76-49
з 9:00 до 18:00

вул. Центральна, 87,
с.Шаян, Хустський р-н,
Закарпатська обл.
Україна, 90457

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Enjoy your meal!

In traditional Transcarpathian restaurant “Kolyba” both diet and standard restaurant menus are delicious! You have unique opportunity to discover international cuisines that combine local, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian meals. Do not miss a chance to try dish from grill-menu or meals cooked in tandoor.

Furthermore you can take part in preparing your own dinner! You can catch a fish for your dinner in the pond for fishing by yourself. What’s more if you like gathering mushrooms there is lovely forest around where you can choose mushrooms that you want to be prepared for you. If you want to feel real Transcarpathian spirit you should definitely order whole lamb fried on grill.

Authentic atmosphere surrounds you from all sides: furniture from wood, excellent choice of local wines, live local music…This is a great place for having dinner or celebrating any kind of events.