Рецепція, тел.:
+38 (03142) 59-228,
+38 (03142) 59-310

+38 (067) 312-76-45
Бронювання, тел.:
+38 (067) 312-76-49
з 9:00 до 18:00

вул. Центральна, 87,
с.Шаян, Хустський р-н,
Закарпатська обл.
Україна, 90457

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Bored? No way!

Smart developed infrastructure will never let you to get bored, moreover will give you opportunity to stay in good shape during vacation: summer swimming pool, tennis court, large pond for fishing, gym, playground for football and volleyball, sauna with ice bath, pneumatic shooting gallery, cinema, karaoke, mountain bike rent, ping-pong, billiards.

Our guests often come with small children to our sanatorium for the reason that kids feel so great here! The smallest ones can enjoy walking through the huge territory of sanatorium surrounded by amazing views of mountains and nature plus so interesting and mysterious forest, for elder and more active little guests there is playground, “game house” and aqua scooters. During summer season children animators are at the service of our guests.

Besides that you can get more familiar with local Transcarpathian culture by joining excursions organized by sanatorium: to wine cellars, ancient castles, to the lake Synevyr and many others. Moreover you cannot miss unique opportunity to visit famous places that combine histories of Transcarpathian region with Czech Republic, Hungarians and Slovakians. You will be able to travel to any place of our region in our comfortable minibus.